The community of on-island Fernandina Beach is well known for all its shops, beaches, and historical sites. By contrast, the off-island portion of Fernandina Beach is an area of peace and quiet, a place to see uninterrupted nature. This is where you want to buy a tract of land and build your family’s home from scratch, or look at the stars without the interruption of street lights. And if you want to go into the city, Amelia Island is just a short ferry away.

Getting away from the crowds could be just what your family needs to spend quality time together. Here are a few activities to enjoy with the family:


Fishing is popular throughout the area of Amelia Island, but it’s an excellent pastime off-island, as well. In fact, the smaller population will make it easier to spend time with your family free from distraction. You can take a date night at the marsh or teach your kids to fish for the first time. You don’t have to catch them to cook, either, if you prefer a more peaceful method. With such a wide variety of fish in the Fernandina Beach area, your fishing excursion can be an exciting day even if you’re just throwing the fish back into the water.


Yes, this is another activity on the water, but with fascinating wetlands and wildlife that can be found in Western Nassau County, the the water is a popular place to be. If you don’t enjoy fishing, another family friendly activity you can try is kayaking. The waters in this area are calm and friendly, making them the perfect setting for beginner or young kayakers. You can read up on the natural wildlife you’re likely to find before you take the boats out, so that when you come across a water turkey, sea turtle, or woodpecker you can point this out to the curious kids. There are also guided tours for those who prefer a more educational experience.


If you enjoy the natural scenery, why not make a weekend of it? You can visit a nearby campsite with the whole family or even pitch a tent in your own backyard for a one-night adventure. Camping is a well-loved family bonding activity for a reason. Cut off from electronic devices and conveniences that can too often be distractions, you can get back to basics both as individuals and as a family. After the sun goes down, take a few moments to appreciate the sky full of stars. Point out the constellations you know or ask everyone to make up their own. Make sure to take plenty of pictures to remember what a fun time you had, and remember when you live in Fernandina Beach, you can always go again.

Off-island Fernandina Beach is brimming with potential for family memories of all kinds, while still offering easy access to the nearby Amelia Island.

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