Even when you’re looking forward to moving, no one relishes moving day. Loading all of your belongings into the moving truck, driving to the new house, and then unpacking and moving everything in can be a headache to say the least. There’s also the impact of leaving the home where you spent so much time, whether it was one year or ten.

But moving can be less stressful with the right preparation. Here are a few helpful tips.

Make a List

One problem with moving is that it can feel a little overwhelming. There’s so much to do! Where do you start? This is where it can help to implement some organization. First, make sure that — if possible — you give yourself enough time: 8-12 weeks is the preferable amount of time to move. At the start of that time, make a list of everything you need to do: what rooms you need to pack, what renovations you need to have done, what services you need to start or cancel. Review the list regularly so you know exactly where you are in the process and how much you have left to do. Looking at the list of tasks and tackling them one at a time will make it all seem more manageable.

Work Ahead As Much as Possible

Have any renovations that need to be done in the new house? Try to get those finished before you move. Even if it’s something like painting the house, it’s better to do it before you move in — then you don’t have to live around the smell of paint. If you’re not moving very far away, another trick is to start gradually moving your things a few boxes at a time. That way when the movers show up with the truck on moving day, you’ll only have the big pieces to contend with. You should also schedule the movers as early as possible, especially if this is their busy season (late spring to early summer, usually).

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

If there was ever a time to clear out what you no longer need, this is it. Start with your storage areas and then look at neglected parts of your living space. Anything you don’t need or feel any particular attachment to you can toss — or better yet, sell in a yard sale. A yard sale is a great chance to say farewell to your neighbors and make a little money to help with the move. Decluttering can also include canceling services in your current home, like any house or lawn cleaning services. That’s a given, of course, but the sooner you take care of it, the better.

Take these tips in mind and don’t forget to go easy on yourself as moving day approaches. It might help to start a moving day playlist that puts you in the right frame of mind or to make packing into a game with the family. It also helps to have the right real estate professional at your side to help you through the process of selling your old home and finding your dream home. Contact The Barclay Team to help you find your next home today.