So you’ve moved into your new home on Amelia Island. Now it’s time to make that home your own. This could be something as simple as decorating or updating an outdated home to making major structural changes to a fixer upper. Whatever your renovations might be, make sure you know what you’re getting into, and more importantly, what potential mistakes could be made. Too often, homeowners fall into one of these common home renovation mistakes.

Setting Too Low a Budget

This can happen even if you’ve researched how much the changes you plan to make cost. Why? Because you didn’t take into account room for error. You may know how much it costs to hire someone to take out a wall or change the flooring, but what if that wall turns out to be load bearing? What if the old flooring is taken out and a mold problem is discovered? Or what if in taking out the cabinets, you accidentally damage the wall? Things rarely go exactly according to plan, so cushion that budget to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Hardwood Floors for Everyone

Sure, hardwood floors are gorgeous, and they’re certainly easier to clean than carpets. But if you have pets or small kids, they can become scratched up all too easily. Water damage, too, can be problematic. Consider the speed of your house. If it’s just you and a roommate or significant other, hardwood floors might be just what you need. If your house is buzzing with energy, maybe you should install laminate flooring that looks like wood, but is more durable and low maintenance.

Inaccurate Measurements

Do you remember learning to cook, and your mother telling you “it’s not an exact science, just eyeball it”? Well, with measuring your space it is very much an exact science. Getting the measurements an inch off on your doorway could mean not being able to fit your new couch inside. Cutting an arch slightly off center will mean you’re stuck with that lopsided effect for the rest of your time in the house. So check your measurements and then check them again to make sure they’re accurate and precise.

Ineffective Layout

Take your kitchen, for example. What do you use most? The stove and oven, the sink, and the refrigerator. So the worst thing you can do is have these three things across the room from each other, so that every time you cook, you have to scurry back and forth. Make sure these things are placed strategically — close to each other and in a position that makes most sense for your method. The same thing applies to home offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. For instance, is your TV going to be constantly interrupted by a glare from the windows where it currently sits? Is your seating area too dim? Think about the function of the room as you decorate or renovate.

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