It seems almost contradictory. When we think of vacation homes, we think of stretches of beach, warm white sand, the kind of friendly island experience that Amelia Island provides. However, for some, the best getaway is a cabin or a little vacation home in off-island Fernandina Beach. We’ve talked in the past about the benefits of living in these areas full-time, but what if you like living in the city and just want an occasional getaway? These off-island communities are more laid back, with fewer shops and amenities, so they tend to be more popular with campers and fishers than beach-goers. If that sounds like you, here’s why you might consider a vacation off-island.

Privacy With Nature

Imagine a little lakehouse where you can escape for the weekend and leave behind all the pressures of the day-to-day. Or a log cabin surrounded by trees where you can camp with your family for the weekend. The off-island communities in the Amelia Island area are quieter and more sparsely populated, which makes them perfect for a vacation where all you want is a little peace and quiet. While they’re far from abandoned wilderness, the natural scenery and acres of land will help you to feel more separate from the bustle of society. Here you can fish or camp or just enjoy nature. You may even spot wild turkeys while you’re here.

A Break From the Tourists

Tourists are great for the local economy, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from all that. Off-island Fernandina Beach and Yulee are less conventional vacation spots, which means there are fewer tourists. And those who do make leisure trips to those off-island communities are there to get away themselves, so they’re not likely to bother you. Plus, with fewer tourists, Yulee and Fernandina Beach off-island are considerably more affordable than nearby communities like Amelia Island and Jacksonville.

Just a Hop Away From Home

If you live on Amelia Island or Jacksonville, an off-island vacation home allows you to get away without really getting that far away. Let’s say your house is being renovated and you want to avoid all the chaos, but you want to stay close by in case the contractors need you. Or what if you want to take a vacation, but you don’t have the budget to travel across the country for a trip? If you need to be accessible, but still get a break from it all, a vacation property in Yulee or off-island Fernandina Beach is the perfect solution. It’s just a ferry across to Amelia Island and a short drive from Jacksonville.

Vacations aren’t always big, cross-country or international adventures. Sometimes the best getaway is one close by for just a few days so you can come back to your daily life refreshed. Interested in searching for a vacation home of your own? Trust The Barclay Team. To learn more about their expertise or how they can help you buy or sell your home, contact The Barclay Team today.