Moving with a family is vastly different from moving as a single person or moving with a partner. It’s not just a matter of finding a home with enough bedrooms. You also need to find the perfect location for safety, education for the kids, and family fun. You have to make the decision with more care than you might otherwise, because uprooting kids every few years is very different from moving around yourself. It’s more important than ever to choose the right place.

Amelia Island, and particularly Fernandina Beach, can be an excellent location to raise a family in many ways. First you need to understand that there are two different Fernandina Beaches in the area. On the island, Fernandina Beach is a lively beach community that’s been ranked one of the best beach towns in America, with plenty of activities for both kids and families to enjoy. Off the island, Fernandina Beach is a place to find peace and quiet, stargaze in the evenings and even see wildlife like deer and wild turkey that are seen less on the island.

Both communities offer advantages for raising a family, but in this blog post, we’ll talk about the Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, as it’s here that there’s a larger demographic of families.


Fernandina Beach was once a harbor for pirates and bootleggers, as you can see in statues and landmarks throughout the city. But despite the city’s colorful history, it’s a safe place to live today. AreaVibes gives Fernandina Beach a B average with respect to crime rate, compared to not just the surrounding areas in Florida but the nation as a whole. Many tourists who visit Fernandina Beach talk about the safety they felt walking downtown at night. The community is friendly and inviting.

On the official police department page of Fernandina Beach’s website, the police chief James Hurley says the following, “Fernandina Beach is located on beautiful Amelia Island and is truly a unique community, rich in history and opportunity. I invite you to take advantage of all we have to offer and ask that you enjoy yourself responsibly, while we focus on the task of keeping everyone safe and sound.”


Fernandina Beach schools fall under the Nassau school district. There are a number of traditional K-12 schools, both excellent public schools and private options. There’s even a virtual instruction school, pairing high school students with a state-certified teacher that they can work with through email and online courses. While there are no colleges in Fernandina Beach, it’s a short distance from Jacksonville, which has several colleges to choose from.


But most important to the kids is the opportunity for fun, and Fernandina Beach certainly provides that. In addition to the beach, ice cream parlors, and playgrounds, your kids can see great examples of nature and wildlife at a number of state parks nearby. They can visit the Pippi Longstocking House, where the Pippi Longstocking movie was filmed, or tour the Pinball Museum. You can go fishing with your family or enjoy the new adventure of hangliding. On the weekends, you can visit a farmers market or stroll down Main Street. There’s no end of amusement for all ages in Fernandina Beach!

If you’re looking for a place for your family not to just live, but really grow into, Fernandina Beach could be perfect for you, and The Barclay Team can help you find your dream home there. Contact us today to get started.