New home construction can be an adventure or a headache. You have the ability to make the home completely your own and the satisfaction of knowing that no one else has lived there, but you’ll lose the charm of an old home with plenty of history. If you find yourself wondering whether or not new construction is right for you, consider these pros and cons:

Pro: All New Updates

One of the biggest advantages of a new construction is the fact that the home will come furnished with the latest updates. That means all the kitchen appliances will be up-to-date, the HVAC system will be all new, and exteriors like windows, roofing, and siding will be undamaged and probably more energy efficient than those in an older home. If you want to be able to move in without making any updates, a new home construction can be a dream.

Con: Cost

New constructions are expensive, costing up to 20% more than their existing counterparts. All those new appliances will also bring up the value of the home, so buy the end you’re likely to pay significantly more than you would for a similar existing house. If you’re on a tight budget, a new construction probably isn’t the best idea for you.

Pro: Customizable

Sometimes you have the opportunity to work with the builder while the home is still being constructed. You can customize the property to your family’s wants and needs. Maybe you just found out you’ll need a nursery. Maybe your favorite color is green, and you want to work that into the design of the home. With an older property, adding on a room or vastly changing the design can be a hassle, but with a new construction, you can have your home customized to fit you the moment you move in.

Con: Less “Character”

Some homeowners like to find houses with character. They enjoy properties that have clearly have a history. If you want to be the first chapter in that house’s story, a new construction is perfect, but what if you want a house with that lived in charm? New constructions are also a bad idea for homeowners who like to have a “project.” If you enjoy remodeling, buy an older existing home, rather than a new construction.

Pro: Low Maintenance

With everything newly installed, it should all be in working order which leaves you with relatively little to do other than unpack and settle into your new home. You won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements for several years, which is especially a relief as you start to make mortgage payments on your new home.

Con: Out of the Way

If you’re interested in living in the heart of the city, you probably shouldn’t bother with a new construction. Since residential areas in cities are usually already pretty full, new constructions tend to be out of the way. This can be a pro if you’re looking for a quieter neighborhood, but chances are you’ll have a longer commute to work or the kids’ school if you choose a new construction.

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