Preparing your house to be put on the market in Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island takes careful research, analysis, time and money- all factors that can become complicated and overwhelming if this process is unfamiliar to you. That’s where a professional comes in handy; someone who studies the local real estate market daily and knows the ultimate tips and tricks to get your house spinning heads and most importantly, get the most value for your home.

1. Hire a real estate agent to help
House prep. Paperwork. Storage units: don’t underestimate the power of a real estate agent to help you navigate the market seamlessly without missing any details. Contact The Barclay Team to get a plan in motion. We’ll draw up a Comparative Market Analyses (CMA) to show how much homes have sold for in the neighborhood as well as what your home could potentially be worth.

2. Mental preparation
Yes, you’re selling the house, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t created memories while living there! Let go of the emotions attached to that favorite storage nook or the candy red office walls that you love. The sooner you detach from the emotions to clean, renovate and de-clutter, the sooner you can get buyers looking.

Pro Tip: Pack away the family photographs and heirlooms. Potential buyers want to observe a room and envision how their personal items will look in the space. They should be thinking, “I could definitely live here.”

3. Downsize and declutter
Outline a cleaning and packing plan at the forefront, beginning with chucking out the old and unused. This can be time consuming and exhausting work. The Barclay Team is happy to lend a helping hand in order to get your home looking spiffy for the market. We offer advice on the most efficient and cost-effective methods for downsizing, staging and storage.
Pro Tip: Sometimes it can be difficult to part with our personal possessions. Asking yourself, “How many times have I used this?” or “Will I ever use this?” can help make it easier to separate. Organize a yard sale for extra cash or donate to charity.

4. Home modifications & cleaning
Take time to scrutinize your house from top to bottom and make a list of minor repairs, followed by a thorough deep clean. This can include:

  • Replacing broken or cracked tiles
  • Painting room walls to a more neutral color for visual appeal and freshness
  • Replace light bulbs and repair leaky pipes
  • Patch up holes from hanging pictures, shelves and wall decor
  • Make sure doors and drawers don’t jam when opened or closed
  • Redo caulking
  • Bleach grout
  • Sweep, mop and wax floors
  • Dust and remove cobwebs
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Polish wood and windows

5. Rearranging
It’s all about the details when getting your house looking sharp before the big debut. This means rearranging furniture, organizing dishes and pans in kitchen cabinets and checking that window blinds and curtains are even in length. Walk into the house not as yourself, but as a buyer taking in the floorplan for the first time. Is the house welcoming? Does it make you want to look around? That first impression is crucial!

Pro Tip: Perhaps you have favorite fixtures in your home, such as an antique chandelier or custom designed sink that you don’t want to part with. Remove and replace these precious appliances before show time. You don’t want a buyer to fall in love with the house and its features, only to be told that certain fixtures aren’t included.

6. Don’t forget curb appeal
Imagine that you’ve just pulled up to a house that you might be interested in buying. As you step foot out of the car, your eyes take in the landscape of the yard, the porch, roof, windows and driveway. What if the paint is peeling or the roof is covered in green algae? Buffing out the exterior of a property is just as important as the interior. After all, it’s the very first view of the house buyers get.
Pro Tip: Did you know that colors impact emotions? Yellow promotes confidence, optimism and friendliness. Add some golden sparkle to your outdoor garden with some inexpensive potted yellow flowers, such as sunflowers or marigolds.

Contact The Barclay Team to get a plan in motion
We’ll draw up a Comparative Market Analyses (CMA) to show how much homes have sold for in the neighborhood as well as what your home could potentially be worth.

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