The 4 Best Parks in Amelia Island

There are many reasons to choose Amelia Island for your next home. The friendly community, colorful history, and beach location draw new residents every near. But in addition to all the reasons you might already know, Amelia Island is also home to beautiful parks and preserved natural wildlife.

When you visit Amelia Island to look for your dream home, take time to visit some of these parks as well.

Fort Clinch State Park

Looking for a place to camp as well as see the sights? Then the 1,400 acre Fort Clinch State Park, with no less than 69 campsites, might be just the thing. This park has three full miles of shoreline where families often search for shells or shark teeth as souvenirs of the experience. Or you could visit the grasslands and spy a deer, bobcat, or tortoise. After you’ve explored the nature of the park, you can visit histThe 4 Best Parks in Amelia Islandoric portions of the park, where soldiers will reenact battles from World War II. That’s just a few things that Fort Clinch State Park has to offer. With an amphitheatre, museum, several hiking or biking trails, and even rollerblading trails, there’s something for everyone.

Egans Creek Greenway

Egans Creek Greenway, with its 300 acres, is another excellent place to view wildlife…at a distance. Home to snakes, alligators, and bobcats, this isn’t wildlife that you’ll want to see up close. It’s for this reason that the park hosts a number of guided nature tours, so you can see the local fauna and flora safely. There’s also a nature pavilion to overlook the scenic beauty. This park carefully preserves the natural wildlife, protecting it so it can flourish, as well as protecting visitors so they can cohabit without risk.

Main Beach Park

This is the most popular beachfront in Fernandina Beach, so of course, if you’re looking for a good day at the beach soaking up the sun, Main Beach Park is for you. Here you can engage in water sports, swimming, or just lounging on the shore. But this isn’t all sand and sea. There are playgrounds, golf courses, and multiple volleyball courts. Whatever the weather, you can enjoy your lunch here at one of the sheltered picnic tables. There are also several festivals and events that happen at Main Beach Park, such as the Shrimp Festival and Buggies on the Beach in May.

Peters Point Park

Looking for something in between the experiences of Main Beach Park and Fort Clinch State Park? Peters Point Park is a beachfront park that allows for fishing, enjoying the water, and camping. There are indoor and outdoor showers as well as covered picnic areas. You can even bring your dog with you, provided they stay on a leash. Gather around the campfire with friends at night and watch the sunrise over the ocean in the morning.

While falling in love with the parks of Amelia Island, you may just find the perfect house for your family. Contact The Barclay Team today to make sure you can find it in the right location and price range.

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