Amelia Island is a friendly beach community with enough quirks and historic charm to pique a child’s curiosity but overall a laid back atmosphere. It’s an ideal location to raise a family in many ways. But parents have more serious considerations to include, as well, among the chief of which is education. Access to good schools is vital to any family oriented community, and fortunately, you won’t miss out on those schools in Amelia Island. Whatever your child’s age, you’ll find the right school here. Here are some of our favorites:

The Montressori Method of education is a more modern method, but it was implemented to educate some of the boldest innovators in the world right now, including the founders of Google. It takes a more collaborative approach with mixed age classrooms, teachers who work with smaller groups, and individualized learning so that your child can excel in their particular way. This method thrives at the Amelia Island Montressori School, which has built up a number of loyal families because of their commitment to excellent education. They start with a toddler program, and offer summer camps to remind kids of the fun of learning.

Emma Love Hardee Elementary School

Emma Love Hardee teaches grades 3-5, as well as including a gifted program so that students can learn at the rate that works best for them. Like the Montressori school, they focus on creating a collaborative experience and place attentive teachers with smaller groups of students (in this case, usually 16-17 per class). They also have accommodations for lower income students, by having free and reduced lunch plans.

Fernandina Beach Middle School

Public schools sometimes get a bad rap in our society, but in Fernandina Beach, the public schools are terrific. In fact, Fernandina Beach Middle School, home of the Pirates, was rated an A school by the Florida Department of Education for 17 years in a row. They teach a wide variety: all the basics, without neglecting the arts or athletics, and several clubs and electives so kids can have a say in their own education. They even have a Star Wars club. Parents praise Fernandina Beach Middle School the care they show to the students.

Fernandina Beach High School

The follow up, of course, is Fernandina Beach High School, which continues with the same level of excellence. According to Great Schools, Fernandina Beach High School enjoys above average test scores and college readiness, as well as a high graduation rate. Parents stated that the school was safe and fostered their child’s education as well as interests, such as band. Students also praise the school’s level of care.

As Amelia Island realtors, we work with some of the best schools in the area and would be happy to point out the perfect neighborhoods to find both your dream home and your child’s dream school. To learn more about their expertise or how they can help you buy or sell your home, contact The Barclay Team today.