If you’re looking for a home in Western Nassau County, but need something a little quieter or more rural than Amelia Island or Jacksonville, Yulee is a terrific option. Surrounded by greenery and wetlands, Yulee offers an opportunity to get away, whether for the summer or permanently, without ever being too cut off. It’s also not without amenities of its own. Shops are springing up in Yulee, and Florida State College at Jacksonville even chose Yulee for one of its campuses.

Here are a few reasons people are choosing Yulee for their new home.

Lower Prices

In Yulee, you can find single family homes often for less than you might find comparable homes on Amelia Island and certainly for less than you would pay in Jacksonville. Although the market is beginning to shift towards a seller’s market as Yulee rises in popularity, right now it’s still a very affordable option. When you take into account the space you’ll have in Yulee and the lack of state income tax in Florida, this aspect makes Yulee an attractive option.

Peace and Quiet

Even those who don’t want to move to Yulee permanently will often buy vacation homes here. Why? Because if you live in Jacksonville or somewhere more populated, Yulee offers you the chance to get away for a weekend fishing or hunting trip, or even to go camping with the family. There’s a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in Yulee. For the time that you’re here, you can say goodbye to stress and urgency and just get back to the people around you. It also helps that properties tend to be more spread out, giving you a little room to breathe. You might just like a weekend or summer trip to Yulee so much you decide to make it your permanent home.

Close to the City

Yulee is just 20 minutes away from Amelia Island with its historic charm, traditional architecture, and quirky culture. It’s less than half an hour away from Jacksonville, a bustling metropolis with a population of nearly 900,000. With Yulee, you have options.  You can enjoy the peace and quiet of rural country areas, take the kids to visit popular sites in Fernandina Beach, or enjoy the city life of Jacksonville for a day. This is appealing to many people who love the city, but don’t necessarily want to live there. With a home in Yulee, you can easily dip your toes in and then retreat home when you’re ready.

Growing Community

One of the best perks of moving to Yulee is knowing that it’s growing. Since the opening of the Nassau Center by Florida State College at Jacksonville, more and more people are moving to Yulee, which means more shops and restaurants are beginning to open. This can be an exciting time to live here, watching the city grow into what it will become.

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